Advanced Dermatech

I have a busy Aesthetic practice and treat hundreds of patients a week. A large number of those patients require some type of injections and/or micro-needling. Many patients experience pain with these procedures and actually become very anxious prior to the injection. Although we have used several numbing agents including BLT, there is still an element of pain experienced. Once we started using ADT Lidocaine 4% as a numbing prep, our patients are much happier and no longer have anxiety. They experience virtually no pain, even when doing lip fillers. I can typically perform the injection 5-10 minutes after applying the ADT Lidocaine as opposed to waiting as long as 30 minutes like I used to with other products.
Dr Richard Goldfarb MD

I am a full time Aesthetician at a busy practice, and see numerous patients a day for procedures including micro-needling and laser treatments. I have been using ADT Lidocaine 4% for several months as a pre treatment numbing agent with great success. The patients are numb as quickly as 10 minutes and the product is completely absorbed, leaving no residue to clean off prior to injection. The level of patient comfort is excellent and our room turn around is much faster. Patients are referring their friends to me since they tell them the procedures "don't hurt anymore”!!
Diane P Aesthetician

Traditional dorsal penile block does not numb the ventral aspect of the penis. This means patients still have discomfort associated with penile injections. ADT 4% topical lidocaine is so superior for numbing, that we now only use the topical 10 minutes before injections and the patients were thrilled
David Allingham MD, MS